What Do Clients Expect from You?

In the world of commercials and print modeling, talent typically books a job because they have "the look". The client saw you and thought, "That is who I envisioned for this job!" The last thing you would want to do is hinder your chances of booking a job because you did not show the client that you were the one they wanted! How do you avoid this happening? BE A BLANK CANVAS. I know you may love your make-up a certain way, or you color your hair quarterly with those highlights, or maybe you have a standing nail appointment for the newest nail trend or color, but all of these personal choices can be what's standing in the way of booking a job. You are you, and that is truly what makes you OUTSTANDING, but a client needs you to be the "you" they want to see. In other words, they need to be able to look at you and see their vision, not your specific style. A bummer, I know, because if anyone loves to express themselves through their look, it's me! But anytime I have had to audition or show up to set, I knew I needed to look like the model or actor the client saw in my images; she was a blank canvas that can work for ANY brand. It was an invitation to turn me into who they needed me to be to sell their product.

Here is what clients expect from you

  • Nails

You must have clean, natural-looking nails. Especially if they are asking to see your hands, this will cost you the job. Natural nails are what clients expect talent/models always to have. It's easy not to think about, but even in a self-tape audition, if your hands are shown and have a bright polish or long nails, you run the risk of distracting casting with your nails and taking away from your book-ability. This advice applies to all ages. Parents often forget to remove that chipped nail polish off of their children's nails before going to set. Nothing is worse to a client than getting off schedule to stop and allow time for you to do something that should have been taken care of at home. Tims is money!

  • Jewelry and Accessories

Never audition with big earrings, a nose ring, or anything else in or on your face that may be distracting. The focus needs to be on you. Trust me; hoop earrings are a huge distraction. Clients can not imagine what you look like without that nose ring. 9 out of 10 times, they will pass right over you. Same for accessories on children. No need for hats, glasses (unless they need them to see), or any other accessory that will take away from their cuteness.

  • Undergarments

Every adult talent should come to set in, or with nude or flesh tone undergarments; this is a clear sign of an industry professional. It is also customary to avoid undergarments showing through clothing.

  • Hair

Hair is such a challenging topic to touch on because everyone's hair is different. My advice, ALWAYS LOOK LIKE YOUR HEADSHOT. Changing hair colors, styles, or cuts is something you should not do without speaking to your agent first, and once approved, you immediately need to get updated photos. Hair should be natural, meaning it should look as if it is growing out of your head that what. If you ever have questions about your hair, ask your agent!

Other expectations

  • Be on time: This applies to auditions and bookings

If you are not 10 minutes early then, you are late! Nothing stresses a client out more than when talent is late to set. Nothing is more upsetting to an agent to get a call or email from a client about late talent.

  • Have your brings

If a client asks you to bring clothes, shoes, or props from home, please make sure to have what they asked you to bring to set. Also, make sure those items are clean, neat, and camera ready.

Put your best foot forward this year and position yourself for the absolute best chance to book! Take a look at how you are presenting yourself to clients and make sure it is a bookable talent. And remember, they want YOU to be the one!

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