We've all heard the phrase, "Less is more", right? Well, when it comes to styling for a lifestyle/commercial shoot... LESS IS BEST!

Leave those large bows (kids), statement earrings, and busy patterns at home. Forget glam makeup and your red nails. Everything needs to feel effortless and natural.

Here are my top 5 styling tips for ALL ages:

  1. You have EVERYTHING you need in your closet.

  2. If you have to go out and buy something, keep the tags and return it! (not sure I'm supposed to say that out loud... OH WELL.)

  3. Layering takes a "ok" look to an "OH-KAY" look!

  4. "No Makeup" makeup looks and effortless hair is always the goal

  5. If you are putting on more than 5 items... you're putting on to many.

Follow those five simple rules and you are on your way! See you in STYLING 102... NEXT WEEK!


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