Model Movement

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

So often, aspiring models hear the word pose and think one position that you hold, forever. Wrong. Movement is your friend. Being fluid in your movement will be your BEST friend. Allowing the camera and the photographer to capture those sweet moments in between these movements is how and when the magic happens. Here are 5 very simple tips to help with movement quality and in turn will produce photos that are effortless and organic.

1. Music always helps you loosen up and relax

-Turn on your child's favorite song to get them in the best mood for a casting or job! A lot of parents have a playlist ready to go. Never be afraid to share your child's favorite songs on set. Production is ALWAYS willing to do whatever it takes to get their shot! Music naturally loosens their body and helps them move naturally which is what it is all about!

2. Know your light

- This is SO important to learn early on. For kids, I always refer to lighting as "the sun"!

"Now look into the sun. Now, look away from the sun".

Children being able to recognize where the light is so beneficial and impressive to a photographer. An easy way to practice this is when your taking photos, let's say in the car, ask them to face the sun and smile! They won't even realize you're testing them and eventually, they will just gravitate towards the light.

3. Know what you are modeling (jacket? boots? a suitcase?)

- If your child is booked for a modeling/print job, chances are they are selling SOMETHING. A toy, a jacket, a bed. Who knows?! But they need to be aware and then know just how to sell that product. The reason they are hired is to make others want to purchase the product they are showcasing. Put a toy in their hand, ask them to pose with it. Put a shirt on them that has a huge graphic on the back and ask them how they would model the graphic. Put them on the bed and make them sell that JoJo Siwa comforter! Make them aware of products and how they can make it look good enough to buy!

4. Be aware of the camera at all times

- I mean, this one speaks for itself, right? Knowing where the camera is a model's job. This is the easiest thing to practice with your phone or camera at home. Just start taking photos and moving around while photographing your child. Require them to stay with the camera while remaining in character (model). Have them look away from the camera, directly at the camera, past the camera (over the photographer's shoulder). This is a sure-fire way to help them be aware of the camera at all times.

5. Practice

- You know the motto: Practice makes perfect! It's their job to model but it's your job to make sure they are at their best and aware. So practice, practice, practice!

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