How to style your kid.. or NOT.

As a talent agent, one of my favorite duties is talking wardrobe. My least favorite part? Getting back images and wishing the talent (or their parents for that matter) would have done a little better with styling. I know, I know.. not everyone is into fashion or trends or even has an eye for "what looks good"; but let's face it.. your kid's clothing can make or break really good photos, and good photos mean GREAT bookings!

Not to be a 'Debbie Downer' or anything but I decided to throw my 5-year old in the mix and dress her in my least favorite kid styling mistakes and explain why.

  1. DON'T WEAR LARGE BOWS. Mamas... I know much you could NOT wait to have your little girl and throw the LARGEST bow on her head and show her off to the world but LEAVE IT AT HOME when your child is shooting test images, self-taping, or auditioning. Bows, barrettes, beads, headbands, etc. Any large head accessory that can (and WILL) distract from your child's moneymaker (their face) is a BAD IDEA. ESPECIALLY not in a headshot. That headshot is the one chance your child has to grab the attention of a casting director... do you want a hairbow stealing that show... really!?!

  2. Nail polish. Seems harmless, right? WRONG. Not only is it one of the BIGGEST "no-no's" to show up on set with bright orange nails but again, it is a distraction. I cannot tell you how many self-tapes I have watched or how many images I have reviewed and my eyes zero in on neon nail polish. Clean, nude, or NONE is the only way to go. If a client wants a nail color, they will request it after you are booked or have a nail technician on set.

  3. I'm not sure why this one is not at the top of my list because it is by far my least favorite and the most confusing accessory in the world to me. I have been wearing glasses since the 5th grade and I cannot understand for the life of me why anyone would want to but lens-LESS frames on their child for a photo!? Why? You guessed it! It's taking away from your child's face. Not to mention, when have you ever seen a character on TV or in a film wearing glasses without lenses. It's not corky or charming... guys, it's flat our corny and just not necessary. (If your child actually wears glasses with lenses this was NOT for you.)

  4. Keep it simple... silly. Over accessorizing is a thing. Jewelry, hats, bows, glasses, a jacket, a bag. Less is more. Pick one thing or nothing at all. This is not a dress-up party or a time to make your child look like an adult.

  5. Knee socks. Ok, I will admit it, this one is just a personal preference and when stylized correctly is cute as all get out but it can go corny really fast. High socks with overalls or a pleated skirt begin to feel like you are going for a character instead of showing just how cute your child is. Eh... just be careful with this one.

This was a lot, I know. But my hope is that this raw honestly will help a lot of parents pull looks together for their children without having to overthink (or over style).

Pro-tip: Dress your child for the brands you want to see them in. Go to OldNavy. com, H&M, Target; and mimic what those kids are wearing. Just remember, less is more and when you let your kid just look like a kid, you can't go wrong.

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