Denim, Denim, Denim.

If you did not read the title to this blog in the melody of Super Mario ... you're too young to be here. Joking... kind of.

Denim is a universal fashion staple that any stylist will ALWAYS have on their "go to" rack. There isn't a single person who can put on denim and look bad. Many times I have talent ask if they should wear white or an all black look. The answer is a big fat "NO"! Neither of these colors offer any personality in photos. They do not highlight any strong features you may have such as eye color or skin tone. They're just plain BORING! Leave your all black outfit for date night or the office. Denim is casual greatness and offers a crisp, fresh, youthful approach to images. When picking out clothing for your next test shoot or round of headshots give it a try! There's a reason Canadians refer to it as their tuxedo ;)

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