"How do I pose?"

"I'm so awkward when I try to pose!"

"I feel really stiff when I get in front of the camera."

Have you said these things before? Do you notice your child immediately shuts down when the camera turns on? Here are a few tips to help anyone move in front of the camera and get great shots!

  1. Turn on your favorite jams! Music automatically loosens everyone up!

  2. Use those pockets! When in doubt... pocket it out (that didn't work well... did it?) P.s. DO NOT BEND YOUR WRIST WHEN YOUR HANDS ARE IN YOUR POCKET.

  3. Don't stop moving! Every time you hear the camera click, move your body!

  4. You do not have to move around a ton. Plant your feet and move from side to side. Try profile. Smile and no smile. Hands on hips. Arms folded. BAM! You have given 5-7 poses without picking up your feet. THEN pick up your feet and repeat! ...that one worked ;)

  5. Laugh! Laughter provides the most genuine commercial smile EVER!

  6. Get in the mirror and PRACTICE! Learn good angles for yourself. Find the light.

  7. Don't make this goofy face I'm making in the still of this video (jokes on me!)

Not a believer yet? Take a look!

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