About Brittnai

Do you know whom you remind me of?"

That is probably THE number one question I get in life. If I had a dime for every time I got an "Omg, you totally remind me of (insert name of some model, dancer, actress here)" or "Who do people tell you; you look like?" I'd be on an international, Instagram worthy vacation every week!


The truth is, this was always a blow for me. I never felt like people saw me for ME. I have always been that familiar face to everyone, but inside, I was dying to be seen. At age 30, I decided to stand proudly in my purpose and have stepped so boldly into my calling. I am thankful for every part of my story that has gotten me here and every person that hasn't seen me for me. Because now, I can so CONFIDENTLY say just who I am.


My story isn't ideal; chapters of my life have been filled with tragedy. But I have ALWAYS known that these were just factors that may have affected me but never scars I could use as excuses. I have always known that I wanted to live past my pain and, in the great words of Katherine Wolf, let my pain be my platform. I have been both the student and teacher of life. I have gone from the bottom to the top and back down again. I have been rejected and accepted. Loved and hurt (shoot sometimes I was the one doing the hurting). But in all of this, I found CONFIDENCE. To be me, authentically, unapologetically, and fearlessly. And my purpose is to share that with everyone that crosses my path.


In the blogs to come, I pray for transparency, as I welcome you to the world from my perspective and how I have become the confident, unshakeable force that I am today from my life as a mother to my journey from dance pupil to professor. From model and now actress, I hope to share how I've survived it all by God's grace!


Let's defy doubt and decide to be confident in whatever stage of life we are experiencing. Because no one and I do mean NO one can take what you KNOW is yours!

That's my story, now onto why you are here! I am a talent agent who began in this industry as a professional dancer, then turned to modeling and acting as a natural progression. I am also the mother of a little girl who models when she is not in elementary school or on a play date! My goal? To share ALL of my knowledge with parents and talent looking for answers! In my workshops, you will receive invaluable information on how to succeed in the thriving print and commercial world! We start with the basics in level one and will work our way up to more of the detailed information as you complete each level. After taking all four levels, you will 'graduate" with a vast knowledge of this industry and navigate it all. Not to mention you just scored four new training bullet points on your resume (oh yeah!). 

I am also available for styling consultations to anyone looking for help with test shoot looks. Images are everything in print and can make or break your way into the room, why not entire as 'best dressed'?! 


Head on over to my workshops page for registration details and the contact page to speak with me on how I can help you or your child with styling for a shoot!  

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